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Does 电子邮件 marketing work in 2020? In the event that you figure out how to utilize the correct 电子邮件 promoting tips, the appropriate response is a resonating yes.

Email is one of the best promoting mediums on the web. Studies have demonstrated that 电子邮件 marketing produces significantly a greater number of sale than social media. Therefore you should consider all the 电子邮件 promoting tips you can get.

电子邮件 marketing

电子邮件营销 has always been around from a long time. It is still one of the most efficient tools for businesses online. In this 文章 we will learn all about 电子邮件 marketing.

Before this lets learn briefly learn about 电子邮件.



雷蒙德·塞缪尔·汤姆林森 被认为是电子邮件的发明者。他是一个 American computer programmer 谁实施了第一个 email program on the ARPANET system which was initial form of internet. In 1971 he built up first system to send mail between clients on various host servers over the 阿帕网, utilizing the @ sign to interface the user name with a destination server. By the mid-1970s, this structure was perceived as Email.

history of 电子邮件



电子邮件营销是一种使用电子邮件促销产品和服务的促销技术。这是非常有效的 数字营销策略 of sending 电子邮件s to potential leads and customers. It is not limited only to promotion but also includes all the efforts to develop better relationship with prospects and customers using Email. 电子邮件营销是 direct form of marketing.

这是 互联网/数字营销,包括通过网站,社交媒体,博客等进行的所有在线营销工作。 

Many people think that 电子邮件 marketing is outdated, but that’不是事实。自Internet诞生后不久,便开始使用电子邮件营销。从那时起,它一直在增长,并且仍然是有效的有用的营销工具。电子邮件是在网络上进行交易的最理想方法。

电子邮件仍然是2020年最普遍的通信形式。所有类型的在线状态都需要电子邮件帐户。它是在网上购物,注册社交媒体帐户和所有类型的在线交流所必需的。根据 拉迪卡蒂 group, presently there are more than 4 billion 电子邮件 users in the world and expected to grow over 4.3 billion by the end of 2024.

Revenues for all segments of the Email Market collectively are expected to total over $46.8 billion in 2020, and will grow to over $84.2 billion by year-end 2024, an average annual growth rate of 16%. This revenue growth is driven mainly by the migration of on-premises mailboxes to cloud mailboxes. Table given below show the worldwide 电子邮件 market forecast from 2020 to 2024.

全球电子邮件用户(百万)全球电子邮件市场收入  ($Million)
2020-2024年全球电子邮件市场预测来源: 拉迪卡蒂


Consumer 电子邮件 is continuously growing, specially as more and more people are coming online in the worldwide. Email is still a key component of the online user experience. Email accounts are still an important form of online presence and are required for users to sign up to social networking sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, chat and instant messaging services, shopping portals.

The total 电子邮件 traffic in the world, including both Business and Consumer 电子邮件s, is estimated to be over 306 billion 电子邮件s per day till end of 2020, and expected to grow over 361 billion 电子邮件s per day at the end of 2024. The table below shows expected daily 电子邮件 traffic from 2020 to 2024:

Daily 电子邮件 Traffic 2020-2024 资源: 拉迪卡蒂


Till here we have learned a lot about 电子邮件 marketing. We studied its future prospects over coming few years. Now is the time to go to the past. The time during which everything started.

1971: 正如我们在本文开头所指出的那样,雷蒙德·塞缪尔·汤姆林森被视为电子邮件的发明者。 1971年, 作为位于马萨诸塞州剑桥市的Bolt Beranek和Newman的计算机工程师,他开发了一种用于在计算机之间使用@符号标识地址的消息发送系统。他的系统通过将用户连接到美国国防部APRANET(已成为互联网的基础)上而受到欢迎。

history of 电子邮件 marketing infographic
资源: Smartinsight

1972: 根据 互联网新闻 拉里·罗伯茨(Larry Roberts)–也曾在Arpanet工作– wrote the first 电子邮件 management program that developed the ability to list, select, forward, and respond to messages.

1976: Queen Elizabeth II sent an 电子邮件 message on Arpanet, becoming the first head of state to do so.

1978: 加里·图克,Digital Equipment Corp.的市场经理 (DEC)通过APRANET向将近400个用户推广了DEC机器的用户发送了一封商业邮件。那时,他发送邮件时用户之间没有任何区别。他向所有用户发送了未经请求的邮件。这种技术在当前被称为垃圾邮件,但在当时被认为是垃圾邮件。用户认为这是新奇的事物,因为他们在其收件箱中收到了直销营销信息。由于这些邮件,DEC机器的销售产生了1300万美元的收益,并引起了一些投诉。因此,从一开始,它就显示了其作为有效营销渠道的潜力。

1988: 史蒂夫·多纳 invents Eudora, an application that gave a popular face to 电子邮件 by providing a graphical user interface for 电子邮件 management.

1989: The first release of Lotus Notes 电子邮件 software. 35,000 copies are sold in the first year.

1991: 今年被称为互联网的诞生。直到1990年’s B2C marketing was mainly done through the post or the phone but these two techniques were very costly. With 电子邮件, advertisers were given a financially savvy, speedy approach to connect with customers. Email was viewed as mass marketing solution at that time.


1992: 首先 手机 是在今年推出的。第一个可以完全称为“smartphone”从一个原型开始“Angler”由Canova在1992年在IBM期间开发,并于当年11月在 COMDEX 计算机行业展览会。

1996: Microsoft released Internet Mail and News 1.0, a feature of its third release of Internet Explorer. This was later renamed as Outlook. A few companies including Hotmail, began to offer free, use-anywhere, internet 电子邮件.

1997: 全球有近1000万用户拥有免费的网络邮件帐户。

1998: Microsoft purchased Hotmail for $400m (£283m). Data Protection act was updated to make sure all 电子邮件 marketing included an opt-out. “Spam”被添加到牛津词典。

2001: 今年发送了第一份行为邮件。

2003: Can 垃圾邮件 Law was introduced in the US setting the first regulations for commercial 电子邮件s. 隐私和电子通信法规 引入了定义欧洲同年营销许可规则的方法。

2004: AOL had started to have recipient feedback to some 电子邮件 service providers. Hotmail and Yahoo introduced recipient feedback schemes shortly after. Now, marketers were able to know that what their recipients thought of their 电子邮件s and used this opportunity to improve. So this was the origin of the recipient focused anti-spam strategy that businesses are following till today.

2005: 发件人政策框架 (SPF) was introduced providing an 电子邮件 validation system to help prevent 电子邮件 spam by verifying a sender IP address. SPF permits the receiving mail server to check during mail delivery that a mail claiming to come from a specific domain is submitted by an IP address authorized by that domain’的管理员。域的授权发送主机和IP地址列表发布在 域名解析 该域的记录。

2007: 在2007年1月9日, 史蒂夫·乔布斯 在Macworld大会上发布了第一款iPhone,引起了媒体的广泛关注。苹果发布了第一个 苹果手机 于2007年6月29日发布。

2008: 窗口直播 引入了发件人信誉数据。

2009-2020:那时社交媒体变得越来越重要,社交媒体用户数量迅速增加。在2011年 苹果宣布已售出超过1亿部iPhone。到2012年, it was observed that more than 40% of marketing 电子邮件s were opened on a mobile device. With so much emphasis put on consumers reading 电子邮件s through a mobile, marketers were forced to think about how their 电子邮件s rendered on a phone.

2015年, 26亿 电子邮件 users worldwide but 50% of them were spam. In last few years 电子邮件 marketing has changed. Now Cloud-based 电子邮件 services are becoming more strong than enterprise based marketing platform. Number of users are also increasing day by day.




电子邮件在世界范围内具有很大的影响。 2019年,全球 电子邮件用户达39亿 并预计到2024年将增长到44.8亿用户。 DMA 见解 99% of consumers check their 电子邮件 every day. So when the half of world population is using Email and even all of them check their mail everyday, it is a great opportunity for businesses to utilize for their benefits.


这是一种易于沟通的方法,因为每天发送和接收数百万封电子邮件。根据Statista, 2936亿 电子邮件s were sent and received each day in 2019 and expected to increase to 347.3 billion daily 电子邮件s by 2023. That is a huge number of Email and it is still increasing. Throughout the years numerous new methods of communication are developed but 电子邮件 marketing is still strong and effective way of communication with the customers.


Due to the wide reach, ease of communication and high penetration of 电邮, marketing using 电邮 provide high return on investments. An effectively planned 电子邮件 marketing strategy provide a lot of monetary benefits. For every $1 you spend on 电子邮件s marketing, you can expect an 平均收益$ 42.


大多数营销人员一直专注于推动转化。无论他们使用哪种策略,他们的重点都是将潜在客户转变为付费客户。的转换率 电邮 高于社交媒体和直接流量。使用电子邮件可以轻松衡量性能。




Email is a cost effective option for companies to promote their products and services in digital era. You can send 电子邮件s in bulk to the customers. By using software’s you can easily manage all your mails on single platform. The most commonly used software for 电子邮件 marketing is Mailchimp。 Email software makes like Mailchimp makes it easy to schedule automated promotional 电子邮件s for customers who haven’最近购买了您的产品。


You would be wondering that in the era of social media, whether 电子邮件 marketing is still relevant or not.

Of course, it is relevant. Here is some stat related to 电子邮件 which shows that it is still important:

  • 99% of customers browse their 电子邮件 each day.[集线器]
  • Total number of 电子邮件 users are expected to grow to 4.48 billion users in 2024 [Statista]
  • 83%的B2B公司将电子公告栏作为其内容营销计划的功能[集线器]
  • For every $1 you spend on 电子邮件s marketing, you can expect an 平均收益$ 42 (DMA )
  • 80% of marketers claim 电子邮件 is best for customer acquisition.
  • 电子邮件是60%消费者首选的促销渠道。
  • Automated 电子邮件 messages see a 70.5% increase in open rates and 152% higher CTR.[99家]
  • The best time of day to send an 电子邮件 is between 10, and 11 am.
  • 73% of marketers rated the ROI of 电子邮件 to be “Good” or “Excellent”[销售周期]
  • Shoppers spend 138% more when marketed to through 电子邮件, as compared to those who do not receive 电子邮件 offers [破坏性广告]
  • 与Facebook和Twitter相比,电子邮件在吸引客户方面的效率要高40倍[麦金西]
  • 59% of survey respondents say 电子邮件 influences their purchase decisions [石蕊属]
  • 21% of sent 电子邮件s are 在第一个小时内打开 of delivery [得到回应]
  • 37% of respondents name 电子邮件是提高客户忠诚度和保留率的最有效渠道,而网站被13%命名,社交媒体仅11%[幻灯片分享]
  • 电子邮件营销是 主要用于 lead generation (85%),销售(84%),铅培养(78%)和客户保留率(74%)[内容营销学院]

In the era of social media and mobile marketing, 电子邮件 marketing is still an effective way to reach the customers. With the availability of so many options in digital age, the competition in the market is very high. From 1971 to 2020, 电子邮件 was always there, long before the emergence of internet and social media. It has grown throughout these years with a lot of changes.

Being cost effective to more than 4 billion users, 电子邮件 marketing is still in the game. As a marketer you should utilize all the tools available to gain competitive advantage in 2020. It is most direct and effective way to communicate with your customers. The growth of mobile phones has made it more easy.

Therefore, when 电子邮件 marketing has so many benefits, then you should definitely include it in your marketing strategy.


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